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Godsend is finally released! We've spent the last 8 months developing Godsend and can finally say we've hit gold master. We've made huge changes to the game in regards to the level design and environment art as well as added VFX, SFX and other audio works done by composers Patrick Flattery and Ryan Maxwell. Based on player feedback, we've changed the level so that there is more linearity in the main level that teaches players how to use more of the controllable characters. We also changed the level from a sandbox environment to a branching level that loops back around so that no matter which path the player takes, they're funnelled through the entire level. As far as the aesthetic goes, the environment has gone from a mining inspired structural space to more of a dark themed ruin where these characters remain. The colour palette went from purples with yellow lighting to dark grey toned structures with contrasted neon features and green moonlit backdrop. We're happy to say that the game is at a state of completion now and any further updates will be minor in scale to the previous updates we've posted. Thanks so much for being a part of our development!


Godsend_LevelUp Build_07.04.2018 206 MB
Apr 07, 2018

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