This past weekend we showcased Godsend at EGLX 2018 in the indie section! This was our first time showcasing and for the event, we worked really hard to improve and polish the game. It was so magical to see people's first impression of the game and some feedback that we are going to start working on right away to make the game even better. We're so happy you love what we've been working on!
The updated build has the new character models and animations as well as updated environmental art -- FAREWELL greybox, HELLO placeholder art. We also added a tutorial level that helps introduce the player to the SoulShift mechanic and prepares them for the main level. We're going to move forward, improving the UX of our game and how we communicate what's possible in the space because we noticed players didn't quite pick up on some of the more subtle mechanics that are a blast to play around with but we're happy most people picked up and experienced the core intended player experience. The EGLX build is uploaded on the page and we would love if you checked it out and gave us some feedback <3.

Thanks so much, we are going to continue to work our hardest and show you what we can do :)

- Patchwork Games


Godsend_EGLX Build_12.03.2018 48 MB
Mar 12, 2018
Godsend_19.02.2018 26 MB
Feb 21, 2018

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