Wrap is a puzzle game we made that won 2nd place at MisJam 2018. MisJam is a weekend-long game jam in Canada hosted by Microsoft with the theme "where there's a will, there's a way". 

Wrap around obstacles and try to get to the end zone while avoiding hazards that will make you recoil!

Meet the team:
Coley Caverley - Level Design
Tibi Leonov - Game Design // Programming
Ata Dogan - Game Design // Art // Programming


Wrap_Windows_Build.zip 16 MB
Wrap!_OSX_Build.app.zip 20 MB
Wrap!_Linux_Build.zip 36 MB


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Very interesting concept and  Nice Level Design! Great work!!

Thank you Sukhraj ^_^


One of the best prototype I ever played. Good job!


Thanks Peter! :)


Cool graphic, cool idea, and cools levels. Love this prototype!
Will you keep working on this project?
Looking forward to playing more levels:)

Hi Yan!

Thanks so much for playing! I'm hoping to implement more levels over time so keep your eyes open for updates :)