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Squeeze the ketchup bottle to sauce the dogs! Sauce Yer Dog is a game we created with a custom controller for DMG's Textile Game Controller Jam. You play the game by squeezing the ketchup bottle. The harder you squeeze, the more sauce you squirt! (also compatible with RT on an Xbox controller)

The controller is created with entirely soft / textile materials and conductive fabric & thread coupled with the adafruit FLORA wearable electronic platform (Arduino-compatible-v3).

We created an analog input using conductive fabric, velostat, and conductive thread. This is so we can allow for different amounts of SQUEEZE!

Made by Coley & Nathan


Sauce Yer Dog v2.3.zip 21 MB


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Brah this game is lit fam loved sausn dawgs. I love the custom controller but why you playn?