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Hear and There is an experimental prototype where the player's ears are separated from their body but they still detect sound from them. In this prototype the player's ears have been hidden and the player can try and find them by listening to the audio cues surrounding them.

Updated 8 days ago
Published 14 days ago
Tagsaudio, Virtual Reality (VR)


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Look I played all of your games I am your biggest fan! Playing your games are fun but when are they going to het real. I found your ears and, they told me that I have to be strait with you. You are a big peace of my life and, I realy give a shit about you. I never really show it but, I do. I have no way to contact you and, this feeling never faids over time. 

Can we stop playing games and, be there I want to spend time with you. I do not know as a person how to work things out but, not knowing is the fun part. I want to settle down I am willing to compromize for you. You deffinitly have my heart but, its going on for ever can the games stop and, get to the good part? We are not getting any younger.


Listen here. I have been making these games to communicate to you because I have no way to contact you. I really give a shit about you and I wonder when we are going to het real. Let's stop playing games and, get to the good part.

Deleted 3 hours ago
Deleted 3 hours ago

I LOVE this idea, this game is so cool. Watched the video a few days ago and finally got around to playing. It's short but has such a great concept and it's really fun to just play around in for a few minutes. Well done!

Thanks ^_^ We just uploaded the post-jam update -- what we didn't have time for in the jam ~ Appreciate the comment

I tried out the new build earlier, the random placement is a nice addition. The build seems to have broken the left handed interaction for me though (I assume that wasn't intended); I can teleport but not interact with anything. I am using the original HTC Vive on SteamVR.

Also I didn't notice before but are those goats standing on camshafts?