In this creepy cute 2D platformer, you play Skully. Travel farther into the Underworld meeting characters and fighting bosses to try and take your ghosty friends to their resting places. Warned by Zeus to never touch the River Styx, Skully has to try to hop from island to island while keeping up with Charon, the ferryman so that Skully doesn't get left behind.

This game was created in 12h for the George Brown College Game Jam #4 (GBCJam#4) in Toronto on Oct 1st, 2016 by 'YumYumScroggins'.

Updates to watch for:

Teddy - The teddy bear at the end of the level will be the first boss.

Collectible Heads - Self explanatory.

Dialogue - Charon the ferryman and the ghosties will provide some lore information.

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