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Bullet Heck is a bullet hell maze game where you play as a knight that must navigate a level in darkness, illuminated only by dangerous light orbs that the player reflects using her Mirror Shield. 

This was created in 12 hours by our team Pixies x Corgis x Dragons for GBCJam#8 which had a theme of 'Reflection'. 

Pixies x Corgis x Dragons
Level Designer: Coley Caverley
Lead Artist: Laura Onderwater
Programmer: Daniel Saulnier
Programmer: Daniel Praymayer
Sound Designer: Steven Carino

Install instructions

Hi there! 

Download and unzip the folder and play the executable file! Please use a controller if you want to reflect the light orbs, otherwise you'll only be able to dodge.


Bullet Heck.zip 29 MB

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