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Bready, Set, Art! - Brief GDD

Bready, Set, Art! is a 4 player competitive party painting game where artists must compete to create the worst work of art in a limited amount of time. This was created by our team of 5 including myself, Sebastian Scaini, Daniel Saulnier, Miko Sramek, and Heather Cleveland with audio composed by Patrick Flattery. We created it in 3 days for TOJam13 in the spring of 2018 with the theme "Winning is for Losers".

4 players participate in painting phase where they have the opportunity to create a work of art in a limited amount of time. Different colours of paint are provided in different areas of the studio. During the painting phase players can roller-skate around the map picking up paint brushes of different colours and paint on their own canvas or others’. The paintings created will be judged by art critics who will try to interpret the artists’ intent as well as provided insightful feedback followed by a numerical score.

Painting Phase

At the beginning of the painting round, the players will get a quick glimpse of the art critic’s colour preferences. They will gain control of their characters which are located near their canvas. Each player has their own canvas that they will be judged on and they are arranged in four quadrants of the space. Each quadrant will have equal access to paint brushes of a variety of different colours.

Players can move through the space and pick up paint brushes of varying colours. Players need to have a brush equipped in order to paint and can only paint on canvases. Multiple players can work on a canvas at a time. The player needs to be near a paint brush in order to pick it up by pressing the LMB/A button. If the player currently has a brush equipped, they can swap it out with the same action.

Judging Phase

At the end of the painting phase, players will lose control of their characters and the UI will indicate the transition from painting phase to judging phase.

In the beginning of the judging phase, the four players are shown next to their paintings. One at a time, the paintings are revealed with some comments from art critic and a score.

At the end of the judging phase, all paintings are shown with a numerical score above the painting. After 3 rounds of painting and judging, the artist with the lowest score gets fired and glorified.

Paintings will be judged using the following values:

  • Amount of canvas filled, amount of certain colour used, amount of colours in general, how much of the artwork is the artists, and how much of the artwork is other’s work.

Narrative Design

For the judging phase, the art critics will generate deep yet vague feedback using random combinations of beginning, middle and end segments of sentences, totalling 3000 unique lines. They all take a fairly neutral stance on the piece.




A raw statement about

the struggle of the middle class, and their plague of

terrible, terrible human suffering.

The exposition clearly targets

how majestic the human form can be, clearly dominating the sphere of

the never ending struggle of this capitalist consumerism society.

What a wonderful exploration of

form and light that speaks to

the language of nature.

What a wonderful exploration of

an aggrandized glimpse into the subject while proposing

human fragility that is humbling.

Unapologetically bold, evoking thoughts of

the prolonged sustainability of post modern projection of

a hoary schema.

Beautiful forms, lending thoughts to

imposition of a traditionally archaic colour scheme and brush style with

a wild motion on the topic of chastization.

The freudian nature depicted in

what it means to truly be

a modern gaudy exposition.

Masterfully orchestrated a striking amalgamation of



This anachronistic approach to

a heady dose of

the idea that in silence there is solitude.


peeling back the outer skin to see

alienation of the human soul.

What controversial conviction! The way the artist makes use of

the untold experience of

gratuitous gore.


the unyielding chaos of

the truth of modern day truth.

I’m impressed the way the artist goes about

the deep nature found within


This works to uncover the underlying truth behind

the unearthly allure found within

the human experience.

The artist’s display of

the death of the modern day ideal of

the dream of found with the unfaltering human soul.

This speaks to the way mankind labours under

the labours of

mankind’s unending labour.


Mario Party 9 - Stamp Out

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Bready, Set, Art! (Windows 32-bit) 28 MB
May 06, 2018

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